Manolo Blahnik SS 2011 Favourites

Fantastic shoes to kick off what will be a fantastic week!

Manolo Blahnik spring/summer 2011. Lets jump right in and have some fun. I’ve picked out my favourites from this seasons line. What pair will you be wearing to long awaited NRTEA extravaganza?

Ardal- I’ve seen these in cream and beige as well but I’m really trying to pull for the mint green this summer!!! If these were mine, I’d totally be rockin’ them with a pair of navy blue schooner shorts!!

Ostrovsky- As mentioned before I’m not a fan of yellow but for some reason Mr. Blahnik really knows how to make me change my mind. One of the things I love about these shoes is how the print continues right down the heel. Sure they might scream “Ronald McDonald in Mad Men” but I downright love these. I get the feeling I’m going to type the word “love” more than a few times this post.

Otaga- This is one of the first examples of how stitching is big in this seasons line! I’m finding the crisscross pattern and large stitching everywhere. Maybe I’d wear these when I’m not wearing the Ardal shoes, shown above. Maybe I’d wear these as I listen to Schubert, strolling through the Black Forest?

HOW PRETTY ARE THESE?!?! I don’t have the official names for each shoe this season. So the rest of them I’m just going to post and talk a little about them. Anyway, how pretty? Right? Yes. I really like the heel itself on these, they’re a bit thicker making it easier to run after a bus in them or make it through a day at work.

Destllar- These totally remind me of a stingray. Perhaps a cartoon one. Maybe I’m completely nuts (yes) and maybe its the amazing colours that just scream “Under the Sea”. This pair isn’t as high as some of the others and with the ankle strap you don’t have to worry about losing your footwear as you go about your busy day.

Kahika- If you’re looking to take a chance with your outfit perhaps throw these on. I can see them totally working with a pair of dark coloured tights (or just plain black if you aren’t so daring). No day is a boring day when your workin’ a pair of elaborately cut out boots.

Mustard. Classy. Versatile. These shoes speak for their self, I needn’t say more.

See! Stitching! Love the stitching, love the jagged cut out lines and the contrasting smoothness of the almond toe. Mr. Blahnik sure seems to be caught up on the yellow this season. I wonder what his muse is.

So when I own a yacht, I will probably also own these shoes. Away from the yellow, an extreme North American on vacation vibe. Fashion doesn’t have to be blue to be nautical, you know. Oh, and before I forget, take this moment to look at the inner shape of the stiletto. This shape has been appearing on many of the shoes in this seasons line and I couldn’t adore it more. Its day to night and extremely classy both ways.

Theeeeese! Shooooooes! Now if you are someone who knows me, or someone who has read my blog, you are well aware of my love for the colour pink. Yes, I adore the girly cliche and these shoes are absolutely no exception. Carry Bradshaw got married to Big in blue Manolos… well if I were ever engaged and hiking down an isle I might just pick pink Manolos- because they exist and because I can.

I’m not going to say a hell of alot about these. Other than they totally sum up Blahnik’s  SS 2011 line. Mustard, stitching, that inner curve in the stiletto. The only thing I want to say is these are crime fighting shoes! I’d run down the streets, jump off buildings and catch the enemy in these… and a morphsuit.

This isn’t the complete Manolo Blahnik line for SS 2011. Like I said these are just a few of my favourites. I found it hard to pick as I truly did love them all. For more MB click here.


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