Think Pink: Zara S/S 2011

Summer is almost here and every girl knows that Zara is in the air… err, all over the streets rather. Though I can’t say that Zara completely holds my personal style, I do admit to having quite the soft spot for it. Take for instance, this lovely lovely pink blazer: 

I have been eyeing this blazer for about a month now, and I fear that it won’t be on the racks of Zara for much longer…  I also fear that my newly dyed strawberry blonde hair will not compliment the feminine colour as much as my old hue.. Yet I still love this piece of clothing and secretly envy whoever is rockin’ it this spring and summer. Oh, and did I mention that it is also available in that tangerine shade?? Finally an orange that isn’t offensive… (funny how I sit in the bedroom of my apartment that is painted a light pumpkin colour? Don’t ask..)

Also if you’re into coloured trousers, (something I have yet to venture into and on the to-do list) Zara is handsdown your go to shop. The best part is they aren’t overly expensive. A $70 pair of trendy trousers vs. a $118 pair of David Buffalo (how do I love thee!) jeans? Branch out! Give it a shot- the worst that could happen is you end up with a great pair of pants. No day could possibly be boring if you’re workin’ these straight-leg trousers with a turned up hem:

For more good times and good things brought to you by Zara, click here.

P.S.- Who else is absolutely loving the white silk blouses that I’m seeing everywhere? Must get one on my own hanger…


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