McQueen to Bennett: Royal Shoes

Now that not all, but most of the hype of the Royal Wedding has died down, it is finally my turn to give my two cents. The dress the dress the dress, yes, we all heard about the beautiful Sarah Burton creation and now everyone has suddenly hopped on the House of McQueen bandwagon; but did you hear anything about the shoes?!?! Wedding shoes. Alexander McQueen wedding shoes. What a daring (pfft!!!) idea! Or not. Because the I suppose the Royals aren’t really allowed to be risky..

Royal wedding shoes. Probably not exactly what I would choose to wear under my gown (I.E. myfirst post about Manolo Blahnik?) but nonetheless, stunningly elegant, and as my grandma would say…. practical. These too were designed by Sarah Burton specifically for Kate Middleton. Made of ivory duchess satin and hand lace-embroidered by the Royal School of Needlework.

Shoeaholics and Royal Wedding… aholics…. can purchase a similar pair (left) by McQueen for a mere (ugh) 995 bucks. If you have that much money to waste celebrate on a pair of shoes, click here.

On another royal shoe-frenzy note, apparently everyone is going bonkers over Kate’s “these are my going on my honeymoon shoes” shoes. The Greta Wedge by LK Bennett is being reissued this June and apparently there is already a waiting list… though I’m not surprised. So dear friends, if you are in London (not Ontario) or Chicago, get your ass to your closest LK Bennett and go check the pretty things out.

Patent leather, wedge espadrille, goodluck finding an outfit you can’t match these shoes with. How practical! How exciting! I think alot of the hype is also due to the fact that they aren’t a $995 pair of A. McQueen shoes. Apparently they are going for $265, which could be way worse if you think about it (I just felt my dad roll his eyes at me from 2 timezones away).

They certainly aren’t the most beautiful shoe I have ever seen, but they server their purpose, and they looked quite nice on Kate. Maybe I’ll pick myself up a pair to walk across my lawn in them too?


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