Yee-Haw!! Calgary Shopping Roundup

I am back! Yes, out east with my own laptop and no money. Today I am switching up the regular shoe post with something a little different. I did so much great shopping in Calgary with my mom I would like to share and review with you a few of my highlights. Who is excited? I am excited!

Let me begin with my final addition to my shoe wardrobe. It seems that over the past week I ended up doing a little Michael Kors series as a result of accidentely heading into the new MK location in Calgary. These flats were the last pair of shoes purchased on the trip, only because a) my mother said “I really want you to get a new pair of shoes today” and b) because the sole of the black $30 flats from Le Chateau came completely off at my Great Uncles memorial.

These are absolutely lovely shoes, very similar to the fulton moccasins that I constantly rave about. I’m really looking forward to dressing these up and down, and wearing them every day until they completely fall apart.

I recieved one of these little 30ml Shea Butter hand creams from L’Occitane as a gift. This is my first time using any of their products and I wonder (other than price) why I never bothered testing their stuff out before? Made out of something like 20% shea butter and 80% amazing, this cream really penetrates your skin. Its not oily, there isn’t any alcohol in it. I’m really enjoying it but I suppose I won’t be purchasing it too often as you pay what seems like $1/ml. Not sure of the difference between it and the shea butter lotion from the Body Shop but I’m sure time will tell.

Clothes. Shopping. Holy. Shit. I love Aritzia -do you know any girl that doesn’t? I remember seeing this Sabine dress by Wilfred when their spring/summer line was launched a month or two ago. After forgetting about it, my mom found it during a trip to Aritzia and stated that I need a new dress for convocation (round 2!!!) This is the dress that chose me, and this is the dress that became the reason for last posts MK Tonne sandals. This image however, does not do the dress justice. At all. I cannot wait to test it out at dinner this Saturday with some astronauts. This is sooo versatile, AND it didn’t wrinkle after sitting in my suitcase for a good 12 and a bit hours! Between the cinched waist and the way the material drapes this dress almost gives off a Grecian vibe.  It is a bit of an investment, but believe me, it will definitely get its moneys worth in wear.

Cute shorts! Cute Talula shorts!!! For me, picking up a pair of these Schooner shorts made it officially summer. I’m one of those girls that always has the worst time picking out a pair of jeans or shorts that fit properly, thus these shorts must be some % cotton or whatever and some % MAGIC. Really I know that its just how they’re cut but they look great. Nice bum: check! Nice thighs: check! These sailor style shorts come in navy, chambray and tan stripes as well but I definitely went for the red. These are BBQ shorts. These are market-adventure time, gelato dates and can’t afford air conditioning shorts!

To end what apparently has turned into a short essay of my shopping spree in the middle of the prairies , I would like to end with a surprise gift from my mom (aren’t you so jealous you don’t have my mother? She is the best. We are BFF’s). Yeah, I’m now rockin’ a pair of Tiffany sunglasses. Okay, well not RIGHT now because I’m sitting in bed, inside my apartment, but I WAS about an hour ago when I was enjoying the bright and sunny day. I had been looking for a good pair of aviators for a long time and one day they just walked into my life. The pink lenses and gold trim are a little girly but they still manage to give off the badass aviator look. Pair these with ANYTHING and you’ll look a little flashy, but not over the top. My kind of style.

P.S.- Thankyou to those for the comments and feedback, it’s always welcome ad appreciated!


2 thoughts on “Yee-Haw!! Calgary Shopping Roundup

  1. Those MK’s are awesome. I recently tried a pair of those on in the brown, but sadly they were too small. I need an eleven in those. I love the cute rounded toe with the MK hardware on them. I did stray a few door down from the MK store in Chinook Center to a store called Browns Shoes. There I bought my third pair of MK Fulton Moc flats. The colour is tangerine orange, this is what they look like

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