Anything You Can Wear, I Can Wear Better: Christian Louboutin

How many times have you walked into a store and seen a shoe that presents itself as some rip-off of another designers- another high fashion designers, work? Probably a lot. Probably all the time. And not to sound snooty, but it always makes me giggle. Although some end up being quite nice, I find a large amount of them to just appear to me as some tacky and sad lonely shoe on a rack, wishing it was something else… I experienced this a while ago on Facebook, as an acquaintance posted some “Omg beautiful!” shoes, yet all I saw was what they should have been.

With this past fall/winter finally behind us (though I did see a dust of snow on the ground the other morning. ugh) we can now reflect on what was presented to us, and what we actually saw on the streets. The metallic, spiked, rocker look actually had a good run. It was everywhere. If it was done properly it had a stunning effect and gave us a “yes I’m pretty but I can still kick some ass” attitude. If it wasn’t done properly… which I unfortunately saw so much of.. it was like a grandmothers makeup. You know, the pastel blue eyeshadow and orange-red lips are applied with good intentions but just don’t quite work. So many shoes had good intentions of mimicking the rocker look that was stamped all over the runways, but  the lack of quality material caused them to be obviously tacky.

So now ladies and gents, I present to you what I believe is an idea that everyone tried to steal, at a whopping 5inches tall, made of specchio leather and strass, Pigalili by Christian Louboutin!!

For more Christian Louboutin and Pigalili goodness click here.


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