Nothing is New About Nautical: Stella McCartney 2009

I don’t know about you but has anyone else noticed that this nautical trend isn’t exactly new?? Yes, it’s great, I truly love it  but its been around for a while. Ever since women started hanging out at their husbands yachts and working on their tans, dressing like a cute impractical version of a sailor has been been a key part of what is ‘nautical fashion’. Blues, reds, whites, stripes, polka dots, you name it, you can spot the nautical trend almost anywhere. The choices really are as wide as the ocean.

So now I present to you dear reader, perhaps one of my favourite results of this ongoing trend. A little Stella McCartney for us all.

A red and blue, slender heel platform with a too cute to boot sailboat print; this is hands down my favourite accessory that I’ve stumbled across resulting from this trend. Worth spending rent on, I personally would wear these shoes every day for the rest of my life if they were in my closet.

They’re far past versatile, I see them with leggings, long boho white skirts, blue jeans, black skinny jeans, shorts, summer dresses, straight up underwear, absolutely anything. And the best part is, they’re by one of my (and it seems everybody else’s) favourite designers: Stella McCartney.

This article is dedicated to Lellow Phillips ❤


One thought on “Nothing is New About Nautical: Stella McCartney 2009

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