Marie Antoinette hits up Bollywood: Christian Louboutin Limited Edition 2009

In 2009ish Christan Louboutin collaborated with Dan Francois-Lesage to create these france-indian-type beauties. The line was to be exclusively presented in his boutique on Jean-Jaques Rousseau st. Paris. Apparently inspired by  of Arch Duchess of Austria and eventual Queen of France, Marie Antoinette. Now I can really gather that from simply looking at these platforms… but what about saying “Marie Antoinette in a Bollywood music video?”  Yes. I think thats a bit better.

You know these are stunning. In typical Louboutin style, platform shoes, glamourous, glass beading, and brilliantly coloured. Now before you even stop to think “well they look a little over the top” I tell you now, they would’ve gone perfectly with my outfit I wore today, which was plain as hell (except my zebra print stilettos  by Ninewest) -and I’m just a student teacher.

I will be honest and admit that the ankle strap with the embroidery is perhaps a little distracting. And then I think… well without it, yes it’d still be a beautiful shoe… but we would completely be missing that Marie Antoinette vibe. Right? Yes. Without it, it’d be (a gorgeous pair of peeptoe pumps) a magnificently coloured shoe with half the inspiration.

Unfortunately these were limited edition so if you happen to stumble across a pair at this point you would have hit beyond the jackpot.

More Christian Louboutin to come- this wouldn’t be a shoe blog without its fair share!!!

P.S.- Gotta love the hand painted “Louboutin” on the platform at the front of the shoe!


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