Shoes 24:7? Choo 24:7.

Alright, a little mid-afternoon trivia to start today’s post..

How awesome are these shoes?

a) Ass kicking awesome

b) OHEMGEE awesome

c) So awesome I’m not quite sure what to do with myself

d) So awesome that a tiny bit of pee has come out because I’m so excited about their sheer awesomeness

e) all of the above

Answer: E) all of the above (okay but I didn’t really pee, however I could’ve if I had no self control)

Today is brought to you by the letter C and the numbers 24:7. Yes, these are from Jimmy Choo’s Choo 24:7. Such a statement, dress them up, dress them down, these shoes could make a paper bag look trendy.

Choo 24:7 is ‘the perfect’ shoe wardrobe, providing the essential basics, classics and even head-turning statement shoes. For more information check out


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