OOTD: Plenty of Neutrals

I snapped this shot on my way out the door last night before heading to the football game. It was a pretty warm night for the end of Summer, but with the Alberta weather being as fickle as it is, I thought I better bring a few extra layers to bundle. Totally unnecessary in the end but if I didn’t come prepared, I’m sure it would’ve turned blustery cold.

Reva Flats

So what am I wearing? A pair of skinny jeans so old I’m not sure how they came into existence- but totally stoked that they are still a beautiful dark wash. Belt- Wilfred. Scarf- Tory Burch. Flats- Tory Burch “Reva”. This is the old style of the shoe with a little bit of elastic at the heel, TB has recently changed the style to a more stiff flat without an elastic backing. Certainly a better design but takes a bit longer to break in. Bag: Jimmy Choo. I love this bag that converts into a clutch. The pony hair is so soft and it is great how it zips up. Also, it holds everything you really need while remaining nice and light.

I hope everyone is having a happy Saturday! I’m not really able to relax this weekend as the general chaos ensues, however, I did take time for a little Starbucks treat this morning! Take care and don’t forget the magic pineapples!

Five Pairs: Alexandre Birman

I’m 10,000% positive that I could go on about Alexandre Birman’s designs for hours without stopping to take a breath. Seriously, the designs are so current, chic, yet versatile, lending us their use for seasons to come. This morning I’ve gone through quite the struggle in just picking five designs to share with you for Autumn- more specifically, five pairs of ankle boots (ok four pairs of ankle boots one pair of chunky sandals) to keep us fashion forward and our feet happy as the weather cools down.

Each pair that I’ve picked is unique in their own way but this certainly is not an exhaustive list. I totally recommend you checking out Saks or Bergdorfs for further designs- or just doing a quick search on Alexandre Birman, you won’t regret it! Now without blabbing on any longer, five pairs by A.B that we all should all impulse buy for Fall.

Alexandre Birman Ankle Boots Alexandre Birman Katys Crocheted Suede and Watersnake Alexandre Birman lace up Elusa Two Tone python Sandal Loretta Suede and Python Cut out Sandal

What pair is your favourite? What are you craving to buy for Autumn?

Words of Wisdom

words of wisdom

I haven’t had a chance to do any of my little “Words of Wisdom” posts over the last few weeks due to a busy schedule. So, this morning, I thought I’d share this one with you that was meant to go up last Sunday. This one isn’t fashion related but they are still great words to go by.

Burnt Orange

Chloe wedge

Everywhere I look I see burnt orange and everyone I hear from is going on and on as if it is this new revolutionary colour that we have never before seen. But really people, take a look, it is just another beautiful Autumn colour that we have seen many, many times before, we just changed the name of it this season. Regardless, I too love it- actually I loved it even back before it was a thing to love- and believe it fits perfectly into the end of Summer/start of Fall/well into Fall season. My ode to this season’s most popular colour has actually been through a pair of silk culottes. A little bit of a bolder choice but something inside me just said yes when I found them.

I picked this Chloe sandal wedge for a number of reasons this morning: it sports the colours everyone is suddenly crazy about, it is suede-very on point and current though it too has been around since the dawn of time, the metal edging at the back of the shoe, and the fact that it is Chloe and Chloe does no wrong.

So what is your take on “burnt orange”? Anyone else excited for Fall? I spent a good deal of time yesterday working on my new Autumn wardrobe and new closet in the new house. Spring is supposed to be a time for new beginnings but the last few weeks has been feeling more right for me. There has been a ton of change for me in the last month or so and I’m glad to embrace it with open arms.

Happy Wednesday to all my readers, I hope you’re all having a terrific day! Don’t forget to say “hello!” in the comment section!