These Sandals Are Actually Perfect

Well. Hello, here I am. Time to pop back up from real life and make an appearance over here. It. has. been. busy. I think you get that theme with my blogging. Despite great intentions of blogging on a regular basis again, life takes over as you know it; Summer arrives, writing motivation comes in inconsistent bursts, you wake up in the middle of the Atlantic ocean one morning, return home, and then it is 8:30 in the morning and you feel the urge to finally write about some gorgeous Louis Vuitton sandals that have been sitting on your desktop for the last four months. *Breathe*

So yeah. I’ve done a lot with my Summer, and have spent probably 80% of it on the road. But that all can come at a later time. I have a lot to say about my adventures, and a few goodies to share as well. But for now, let’s finally take a moment to appreciate how beautifullll these sandals are.


These are a bit of an older find for me- and by older I mean only by a few months. But I still adore them. Just your regular, run-of-the-mill-badass Louis Vuitton sandals. The thick straps and stud detail really pulls the edgy rocker chick in me in, while the beautiful craftsmanship and thin ankle straps add a slight delicate touch to the overall design. One thing that also really struck me about these sandals is the actual angles cut into the leather. In all honestly they initially reminded me a bit of the Isabel Marant sandals that were reaching cult status about three years ago. I like the balance of the different thickness of the leather straps and even the iconic LV monogram peeking out on the toe band. I think the addition of the brown monogram makes these sandals even more versatile than if they were just black, or just brown. I honestly can’t even come up with an outfit that these sandals would not look good with. They are perfect.

What do you think? What have your go-to sandals been this summer? I picked up a rather goofy pair in Copenhagen at the start of my European adventure that received a rather large amount of compliments and love onboard the ship. I also have become re-obsessed with a pair of old leopard slides from J.Crew. I picked up maybe five years ago. They still look brand new but I’ll stop there or else I may as well just write an entire new post.

Thank you to everyone for stopping by after yet another long pause in the online world. I’m hoping to be back soon. Don’t forget to say hello! I always love hearing from any of my readers. Cheers!



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Wanting “the Wrong” Shoe

I think that it is safe to say that almost every year- usually later in the Springtime I try to hook myself up with a new pair of white sneakers. The last couple years I’ve turned to Nike to complete the task, and my Adidas Superstars *are they still trendy?* are not so white.  The inside of the back heel is worn down as if I wore them in gym class constantly (to be fair, I did wear them while teaching gym class here and there), so they are becoming more around the house work shoes. They also survived a trip to Italy with me.


Anyway, here is something different. I stumbled across these on instagram and while yes, this exact pair is a men’s shoe, I am nonetheless crazy about it and wishing I could just convert the sizing to fit me. The Gancini Sneaker Shoe by my beloved Salvatore Ferragamo comes in a multitude of colours and finishes for women but I have yet to see a pair quite like this one. From floral to metallics to neutrals they really have it all. However, this particular white and grey pair is exactly what I’m looking for. I am drawn to it. I love the clean minimalist approach to design and colour. And I’m not sure if it comes in my size, or even exists. I’ve looked everywhere.

Now, all this being said, I have a short list of white sneakers that I am also keeping my eyes on, that do fit me, and are actually available. Not some invented up pair inspired from the men’s section. I’ll be sharing those with you here on Talk To My Shoes in a couple posts so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Anyway, have you ever had this problem? Falling for the wrong shoe? Have you ever been itching to buy a shoe that doesn’t-even-exist?? I don’t mean wrong as in it is wrong to shop in the opposite section, that isn’t the problem. I mean the wrong shoe that is so right for you, but isn’t possibly available. Truth be told, that is how I got into designing shoes in the first place. But that is a story for another time. Let me know in the comment section below what your thoughts and stories are, I think there will be some good ones- or just to say hello!


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Christian Louboutin: Lace Follies

Louboutin follies lace 100

I cannot resist a good ol’ eye catching Louboutin. I’m keeping this short today, as really, the stilettos speak for themselves. I think what I really like about this pair is that they seem a little more mature than many Loubs I see available. Does that sound crazy? Do you know what I mean? I think I am just talking about the oversized studded platform designs by CL that I can’t stand. Anyway. I like a more classy elegance in a shoe is what I am trying to say.

The Louboutin Follies in lace are beautiful. I am obsessed with the colour scheme on these heels! They remind me of those beautiful warm toned neutral eyeshadow palettes that have a pop of blue or a pop of burnt red shadow in them. But only they are lace stilettos. And you wear them on your feet instead of your eyelids. Oh god. Trying to write when you are stretched out on the couch, contemplating a nap is not a great thing. Sorry.

Sorry not sorry, because can we just take pause and notice the embossed leather heel cap as well? What perfect contrast and an unexpected design feature. It compliments the piping so well I can’t even handle it.

I have no other words, just one last thought: that these are some of the most beautiful Christian Louboutin follies I have ever seen.

Thank you to all my readers for stopping by, don’t forget to say hello in the comment section below! I hope you all had a great long weekend and are enjoying the first signs of Spring. It isn’t snowing or -36 here today so that is a start.


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Bengal Love II


At the start of the month I shared with you some pieces from the Gucci Bengal collection but purposely left out one of my favourite pieces from my own collection: my Gucci Bengal slippers. I thought they were far too special to be presented alongside other Gucci pieces and as this is a shoe-focused blog, why not shine the spotlight on them?

Gucci’s Princetown slippers continue to be iconically trendy and somewhat notorious among the fashion crowd. And who can blame them? They are practical (and impractical when  beautifully lined with fur), a slip on and get goin’ style that is an understated statement piece. Obviously I love the buttery soft originals and every variation of the shoe to come.


When I found the mule complete with the Bengal print and horsebit on my trip down-under last year, I was sold. They are completely unlike any Princetown design I’ve stumbled across, and that my friends is many. I have to say that they are quite a bit more stiff than the originals and I had to size up in them, which is odd as I am a true size seven in nearly every shoe and style. Regardless, they fit well, do the job, and easily allow me to give off the “I may have not brushed my hair but who cares I’m wearing Gucci” vibe that I (may I say?) wear so well. All in all, this pair is one of my most beloved in my entire shoe collection.

What I’d like to know is your opinion on the slipper/mule style of shoe in general. I know it returned onto the shoe scene a couple years ago and has slowly made its mark. Now we have brands like Steve Madden and Sam Edelman creating more accessible styles to a wider audience. I know it is popular, yet I never seem to see people actually sporting this look, other than online. I know it is not just because I live in the middle of nowhere as I travel more than my fair share. So, if you’re out there, let me know. Do you wear this style? Is it your go to or are you choosing to watch from the sidelines? Let me know in the comment section below!

Happy Wednesday to all of you, and thank you again and again for coming by for a read. I really appreciate each and every one of you. Don’t forget to subscribe and say hello!


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