Platform Thickness: How Much is Too Much?

FendiDespite single soled shoes being quite in right now, I will forever love myself a good platform shoe. Not necessarily for the aesthetics of it, but for the overall comfort that a shoe like this offers. I by no means have ever had any desire to wear anything like Christian Louboutin’s daffodil pump (personal opinion of it being an inappropriate amount of platform and looks well (because I have no other words) “trashy”) but really appreciate an extra thick sole. When I was perusing my favourite footwear sites and doing some research, I stumbled across these Fendi sandals. The platform thickness is about as far as I would push it before feeling slightly rude about the whole thing, but I really think it passes my test. The white leather is buttery and the perfect backdrop agains the jewel encrusted front. I found myself really drawn to these shoes- not just to wear with a great summer dress, but I see them working even more well with a pair of leather pants and a silk blouse for when things cool down.

What is your opinion on platform thickness? I know it is certainly a topic with varied opinions. I personally enjoy a slight platform but nothing more than 1.5 inches max. The less noticable, the more chic the shoe will seem. I know some designers (i.e. Manolo Blahnik) would never produce a shoe with a platform and that is fine with me, as I adore single-soled shoes and feel that they are the epitomy of keeping a classic style, but on the flipside love wearing something with even more added height. So, what do you think? Platform or no platform? How thick should the added sole be? Does it depend on the type of shoe (I think so!)? Let me know in the comment section below!

What I Wore: Bridesmaid Style

The last weekend of each month I like to try and share a couple of my favourite street style looks, but instead I thought I’d share with you a couple pictures from my brother’s wedding that I attended last month in Victoria. I was absolutely honoured to be invited to stand up for my now sister-in-law and be a bridesmaid. What a great experience!

I loved being able to use collaborate with my new sister to come up with my final look. Everything in the end turned out really great and I could not be happier! It truly was a beautiful day for a beautiful couple. If you are reading this, I love you both!

bridesmaid prep

The day started out with a little hair and makeup. There is nothing better than being pampered! Also, I woke up without a voice that morning and had come down with some sort of crazy bug. I felt pretty alright- just no voice!
Wearing a sweater from H&M and a silk top by Wilfred.

bridesmaid bouquet

The bride made a bunch of the bouquets and they turned out very pretty. I know that I definitely would’ve messed mine up if it was up to me to do some arts and crafts for the ceremony (I’m just not a visual artist).

Belt: double wrap belt in gold from BCBG


After the bridal party finished primping we went out for a couple individual shots. I wasn’t feeling my finest at this point and my throat was pretty sore but I love how the pictures turned out regardless. I like this picture because for the first time ever, I look to be about a million miles tall (yeah, right!)

Dress: BCBG, Shoes: Jimmy Choo (Collar)

Bridesmaid Makeup

A closeup of my makeup. The makeup artist used a much different palette than I would normally go for so it was fun to play with different colours.

PHI Project wedding

After the ceremony with my brother and new sister!!!

Thanks again for reading, let me know what you think in the comment section below!

Words of Wisdom

Sunday Quote

Doesn’t this perfectly sum up the feeling of the weekend never being long enough? However, I have to say that I only have two days of work this week and then I’m off for Summer vacation. I am sooooo looking forward to catching up on some major blogging! Stay tuned and enjoy what is left of your weekend!

My Designs: Brought to Life (Part Five)

Zebra Flat Red

The first pair of shoes I ever designed (not had made, but sat down and conjured up) was actually a pair of flats made of a bunch of different materials in shades of pink. I’m not sure why I still haven’t had that particular design brought to life because they are actually a pretty cute concept, but instead, my first pair of flats I had made were actually these zebra flats.

Inspiration-wise I pulled from a few areas: I have a great pair of leopard flats with a dark turquoise suede trim that my mom surprised me with from Carolina Herrera a few years ago. They are probably the softest shoe I own, offering absolutely no support or shape and 10, 000% comfortable.  The second source is actually kind of funny; E has a pair of zebra print swim trunks that are years old now, I always thought that they were a pretty fun print. He also has quite the selection of hockey jerseys. Between the two, I thought that the shoes were sort of like smushing his shorts and jerseys into a shoe.

I added a bit more structure to the design and used a super soft calf hair for the zebra print. I as well used red suede for the trim- I prefer the flexibility of suede over a soft leather. I actually enjoyed creating this shoe so much that I turned this model as a jumping off point into a bit of a series with this design, developing strappy sandals, heels, &c. &c.

Anyway, thanks for coming by and reading. This is the last post in my little series and I hope everyone has enjoyed it. I was so excited to finally getting around to sharing these pairs with you- they may be little designs but are in fact hugely monumental to me in my fashion journey. Perhaps soon I will share some more of my designs with you! I would love to hear some feedback so don’t forget to comment below!