Pink Pumps: Part 2


Happy Valentines Day! I hope that your day is filled with chocolate roses, chick flicks, scented candles, or whatever cliche you have planned. Mine honestly looks a bit more like Zumba class and unit planning, but regardless of how you spend your day, I hope it is as enjoyable as mine.

I picked these soft, suede pumps, in a powdery pink by Sarah Jessica Parker as my second pair to feature in this mini series. I never thought I’d become a big fan of the block heel but somehow, it has been granted a chic redesign that seems so much less chunky than before. Between aesthetic and comfort I really can’t say no to a design like this. It is actually a style that I play around with quite often in my own shoe designs, one of those shoes that makes me wonder if it is more modern, or classic than a stiletto? Or neither? I can’t put my finger on it and that is where I am finding the most enjoyment in this design.

If you haven’t tried out the SJP shoe line I really encourage you to. The shoes are made with beautiful quality and tons of care. The designs are on point with what you would hope Sarah Jessica Parker to conjure up and are crafted towards your comfort. You can find the line at tons of different places (ie Nordies) if you haven’t scoped it out already. It is definitely a must.

Have a fantastic day everybody and thank you for stopping by!

Pink Pumps: Part 1

Tomorrow is Valentines Day. Whether you choose to celebrate the hallmark holiday or not, this is the time of year where chocolate consumption is highly encouraged- undoing whatever resolution you set for the new year, roses are in abundance and candy hearts are unavoidable. But for me, I just like seeing the colour pink everywhere. Who are we kidding, I eat chocolate all the time (except I gave up all treats for Lent this year) and I celebrate my relationships daily, so I don’t need a special day set aside for any of that.

Anyway, I thought that this long weekend I would share with you a short series of pink pumps that I’ve selected, perfect for the season.


These Louboutins certainly say more about themselves than I ever could. They are just so perfect; I mean, look at them. If you don’t know why I picked this pair then you don’t know me at all. The perfect mix of red, magenta and white, a spray painted texture with a glossy, patent finish, designed by the red-sole king himself. What is there not to love?

Do you have plans for the long weekend? I am looking forward to a bit of pampering and a pedicure later today and making an attempt at relaxing.

Is it Spring Yet?

Oh hey! It turns out, I DO exist! Now, I don’t know about you, but ever since say, January 5th or so, I have been itching for Spring and Summer to come along. I know it is crazy because we literally are in the dead of Winter, and for some areas, the worst is yet to come. But, for some reason I alway find myself becoming exhausted of burgundy and camel, and other fall shades (what is wrong with me? They are my favourite!)


I scored these Ferragamos Varina flats in Arizona just after Christmas- the first pair of shoes from the Spring collection to be sold in the Scottsdale location! Oh, the things I am proud of…! Anyway, could you blame me? Look at that blue! Look at how GORGEOUS they are! I have been saving them for a special day but I am thinking that tomorrow might be special enough. What do you think?

So, what do you think? Anyone else excited for warm weather and bright colours? Let me know in the comments section below!