TopShop Style: Natalie Cut Out Heeled Sandal

Everywhere I look online, everyone is beyond excited about Spring. It is just around the corner and only days away, yet as I write this I look out onto a blustery white prairie with more snowflakes coming down. Spring may be “around the corner” for you but I feel like Spring weather is at least another month and a half away for me… *sigh*

Now, crap weather aside this won’t stop me from my habit of wearing and searching for cute shoes. I don’t often look at TopShop shoes but know lots of UK bloggers who swear by them, so perusing the site this morning, this pair of sandals really caught my eye.

TopShop Natalie

Meet “Natalie”. She is an example of a perfect block heel sandal design. Made with real leather (Thanks TopShop!) and embellished with brass buckles I think she’d be pretty cute on my feet. I really like that a good stacked block heel is still in style and this trend is merely being carried over from one season to the next. It is comfortable. It is casual. It will pair perfectly with all my dresses that I can’t wear outside yet.

What do you think? What Spring trends are you excited to try this year?


Beauty Review: Tom Ford Soleil- Afterglow

I feel like I go in these ridiculous cycles with my makeup collection, going from crazy excessive to wanting to be as minimal as possible. I’m currently on the upturn from one of my mass declutters to wanting just shy of a trillion new palettes. It is so silly because really, how much make up can a girl actually wear at once without looking too Niki Minaj? Yet, my Sephora wishlist is like a chameleon- constantly changing.


Out of all make up I have to say my favourite products are always palettes. Eyes or face, either will do. There is something about holding multiple pans full of colour and shimmer in my hand at once; the accessibility of having everything at my finger tips and the convenience of condensing everything I need in to one spot for travel.

Last month I took a deep breath and delved into the ultra-bougie world of Tom Ford cosmetics. The packaging, the price, the quality, it is all over the top and I have to say, I love it. This face palette from his Soleil collection is everything. It really offers the perfect highlight, bronze and blush for my skin tone. The product is lightweight, blend-able, has great pick up on the brushes I’ve used, and will last all. flippin’. day. I’ve been wearing it almost daily ever since I picked it up in Arizona weeks ago. Whether each colour is brushed on individually or blended together with my new Tom Ford kabuki brush and then swept on for a quick glowing look, I am all about this palette. It just works so well and shockingly, yeah, worth the price tag.

And yes, you can be sure that it’s sister palette is on my wishlist on the Sephora website. Y’know, for the next time I have a spare $140 for buying make up and not shoes.

So let me know in the comment section below- What’s your favourite beauty product? This might just be my current ride-or-die.


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Bengal Love

The name Gucci is one that I’m pretty sure I’ve known since I was a little kid. Not because I grew up swept in fashion labels or heard the name in movies or even in bad 90’s rap music; but because my mom wore a tiny watch with a black leather strap made by the design house, and she wore it for years and years. In fact, although the strap is no longer wearable, I’m quite sure she still has the watch.

Anyway, because of this I have always understood the Gucci label to be somethingĀ very special. Which it is, obviously. Somewhere along the way when I was growing up I decided that “Gucci was mom’s store” because of her watch. But now, I decided (at random as I do nearly all things) “Gucci isĀ our store”, because I walk in to a boutique and see shit like the Bengal collection and go nuts.


So there we were puttering around Brisbane one weekday morning on holiday, just the two of us, when we went in to the boutique just “to look”. Now we both know that “just looking” can lead to all types disasters such as leaving with matching purses, shoes, and sometimes the words, “Don’t tell dad” (funny because we always tell dad). It started with trying on the bengal slides, that I went ape-crazy for, and then found the matching silk scarf- one of the most beautiful I own. The salesgirl slowly led me round the boutique showing me the entire collection and before I knew it, as predictably as ever, I lost all control.

Later that trip on a weekday morning whilst puttering around Melbourne we stumbled across another Gucci boutique. No need to not tell dad because he was with us and he can make magic happen. Long story short, matching bags were produced from the deep unknown of the backroom.

I love moments like this because while yeah, we’re just shopping, they actually are really special memories that I’ll have forever, or until I have dementia at least. It isn’t necessarily about the product itself (though I will do a quick review of the slides from the collection later on) but just having fun with one of my best friends and making each other smile and laugh along the way. I like that these memories just so happen to be not only carried in my brain or in my heart, but on my shoulder, the crook of my arm, on my feet, around my neck and so on.

Do you have any pieces in your closet that hold special memories? I know that lots of people keep sentimental clothing around but I suppose that I’m more of a sentimental accessories girl instead. Anyway, let me know in the comment section below!


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Glittery Hearts Are All You Need

Apologies for the intermission- I have just arrived back from a two week holiday to Arizona. I thought that I might do some pool-side writing, relaxing in the sunshine, but instead I unplugged almost completely and loved it. So here we are with a bit of a late post. I meant to go live with them for an early February blog post but ended up snuggling with Rusty the puppy instead. Better late than never though!


If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a trillion times, Kate Spade makes the cutest novelty accessories (and a recent purchase will further prove it, stay tuned!). I picked these up about a year ago, pranced around like an idiot when I rocked them, got a crap-ton of compliments and decided to repeat that routine every so often. It works.

Despite the rather bright red shade, these flats prove to be extremely versatile. I love the look of them with faded, beat-up denim and a white or striped t-shirt; with a flowing summer dress or an all black ensemble complete with a low messy bun and oversized sweater. Whatever the ensemble, these shoes just work.

Now the shoe itself fits very true to size- I am a size 7 and find that I have never faltered in sizing while purchasing any Kate Spade shoe. I didn’t need to break them in as they are so comfortable and don’t pinch or rub in any way. The suede is easy to keep clean and the glittery heart adornment is secured really well. No complaints.

Anyway, this exact pair is no longer available but I saw recently on the Kate Spade website that they have some very similar pairs up for grabs this month. Everyone this year seemed to be sharing Valentines look books and outfit inspiration. I suppose you could count these as mine even though my real outfit that day was a pair of gym shorts, bare feet and a neon pink sugarskull tank. To each their own.

So tell me, what is your go to Valentine outfit? Did you get festive or were you like me where puppies, ice cream and Harry Potter was all you could possibly need? Let me know in the comment section below and thanks for stopping by!


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