Hands Up

Ah, another novelty design by Charlotte Olympia. I’ve been sharing a lot of her work lately but I keep finding all these delightfully kitschy (yet just charming enough) designs that I just find so worth sharing with you. Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to share some boring pairs with you soon enough.

charlote olympia hands

Anyway, what is our verdict on these Hands Up pumps? I think they are cute, yet subtle enough to pass as a basic cut out bootie (below). Regardless, they’d certainly make anyone do a double take. The sling back pair, pictured above might be a little more daring but I like them too for other reasons: Toe shape, dual tone, and how she didn’t just revert to her Dolly design to make her inspiration for this design come to life. It is another round of applause for C.O. in my books.

charlotte olympia hands

Chuckwagon Sunday in High River

I had a great time out in High River tonight attending my *gasp* FOURTH round of chuckwagon racing this summer. There isn’t much I love more than a good chuckwagon race, and coming home to some saskatoon berry pie. Well, maybe a good pair of boots to accompany me on the adventure!

high river rodeo

chuckwagon racing high river

It was a cold, windy, and slightly wet afternoon but the track started to dry as soon as the sun decided to come out. You can see how I clung to my hot chocolate for a bit of warmth. Wearing my BCBG jacket (one of my favourites!) and Tom Ford sunglasses. As for the beach waves? Yeah, they come naturally to me.

lammles black cowboy boots

I’d hate to tell you that I have 7 pairs of cowboy boots. I’d rather show you by wearing a different pair each day of the week. These are the latest from Lammles. I was wearing them in a Stampede post earlier this month but here you can see some detail a bit better.

high river chuckwagon racing

Our new driver pulling our tarp. I’m in love with everything about this picture.


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Also, a huge thanks to my Dad for using a real camera and being an amazing photographer!

Tory Burch Amanda Chain Wallet

Tory Burch Amanda Chain Wallet

I know that I’ve shown this in a couple other posts but I feel like it is so great I have to share again. I have had my Amanda Chain Wallet by Tory Burch at my side for the majority of the summer. I usually am one to carry some sort of over sized bag, big enough to hold everything I need and more to the point that it weighs me down. However, the freedom granted from a tiny cross body has been great. Sure, I only carry a few things, but that really is the point isn’t it? Not to take everything everywhere I go. It is small and sleek, lays flat against me (another feature I love. My Marc by Marc Jacobs is about the same size but I find that it gets bulky fast) and is big enough to hold my phone, keys and a lipstick. My favourite part? It travels well, it is small enough to detach the chain and use as a wallet inside one of my other obnoxiously huge purses. What is your favourite crossbody?

Just Some Basics

I stopped by Sephora yesterday to refill a few of my favourite products that I use on a daily basis. Everything I grabbed is really basic, but that is good, right? I swear by all of these and  find myself reaching for them again and again. A good product really makes a different. If you’re in the market to try something new, I recommend any of these.

Urban Decay Naked palette

I discovered Smashbox’s Photo Finish Primer last summer and haven’t looked back. It goes on like silk, is light weight and allows any makeup I put over it to last all day and night.  While on the topic of primer, Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Primer Potion- anti ageing is another that I use on a daily basis. Once again, a very smooth, silky product that goes on light and doesn’t allow my eye shadow to crease. Not sure as to why I get the anti ageing one other than the fact that I want to avoid looking old and yoda-like for as long as possible. YSL mascara is a definite favourite of mine. Over time I’ve grown to love it above all the other mascaras I’ve tried. It is just so…. black… and perfect. It makes the world a better place. As for the Urban Decay Naked Palette, do I need to see much. Sort of a cult classic in the beauty bloggers world it really does have everything you’d need. I’ve always loved MAC eye shadows and will forever be a fan but ever since I picked up the Naked 3 last year, I find myself looking at UD products more and more. I especially love this as I LOVE neutral/neautral metallic tones.


Simon Rocha: Pearl Embellished Satin Flats

We are in the height of wedding season and guess what!?!?! I am not going to any (that I know of) this Summer. A bit of a shame as I love love, dressing up, drinking and being the last girl on the dance floor still rocking obnoxious shoes. However, as my brother is engaged to get hitched next year I still find myself combing through all sorts of style posts, blogs, looking at dresses and everything that comes with a wedding. That, and it is just plain fun.

simon rocha pearl embellished satin flat

I found these flats by Simon Rocha quite a while ago and have let them sit around waiting to be made known. I have so many friends that can’t stand a day in heels (or stand in heels never mind undergo a life changing moment in them) so I like to look for options for other people who err…lack my super power. So, for the bride who doesn’t want to gain inches in any way, or, for the girl who just wants to wear pretty flats, the Simon Rocha pearl embellished satin flat might be just the thing.

Kittens Inspired By Kittens

charlotte olympia kitty flats

For those of you who haven’t heard, though I’m sure most of you have, Charlotte Olympia has released a new line of Kitty flats. While I am totally just as excited as anyone else about this, I have to say, it is kind of like giving the idea steroids. I can’t blame the company for continuing with a concept that is working for them and elaborating into further products. But wow. Just wow. Have fun with the eight new purr-fect options for your feet and let me know what you think in the comments below!

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Cowboy Boots


A few days of rest between a very busy (much busier than usual) Stampede and what will probably be another busy rodeo weekend. Loving these boots from Lammles. Sorry the clarity sucks, I took this after the Shania concert in the dead of the night…

Cowboy boots are a year round staple as far as my shoe wardrobe goes. I don’t know if it is the Albertan in me or what, but I am definitely “that person” who can be seen sporting them any where, any time. I love the different cuts and colours, there is so much variety when it comes to western boots, they really are enabling if you’ll let them be.