Holiday Gift Guide: Day 17

Emilio Pucci winter boot

The gift of warmth is a pretty good one, don’t you think? I’ve talked about sharing this through scarves, mitts and other accessories already. I know living in the climate that I’m in makes chic winter dressing a constant challenge. Sure, there are tons of cute winter boots out there to keep our toes warm but at the end of the day, Uggs and Sorels become tiring. I know I’ve shared Pucci boots before but this pair is pretty stellar. Between the height and the shearling fuzzy, fuzzy, warmth I think these boots are a pretty safe idea.

Holiday Gift Guide: Day 16

Tory Burch Paper Weight

I know I wouldn’t mind one of these paper weights for work. With constant piles of paper on my desk I think it could be fun to add a little glam to my desktop. Leave it to Tory Burch to come up with some pretty cool and chic gift ideas.

Holiday Gift Guide: Day 15

Top Hat Ice Bucket Graham and Green

Taking a minute to jump back to the topic of hostess gifts or entertaining solutions, I stumbled across this awesome piece and I knew it had to be part of this years gift guide. Now let me just ask, how awesome is this ice bucket by Graham and Green? Heck, I don’t even have much to say about this one other than oh man, is this cool or what?!?!