Custom Manolo Blahnik BB


Manolo Blahnik BB

Above are the Manolo Blahnik BB pump colours available to be “made to order”. I have seen most of these in person so I know that I could never decide on just one pair. While my most recent pair were not made to order, I have had an incredibly hard time finding a picture of them on the internet. Apologies for the terrible yellow lighting. Maybe one day I will own a pair of Manolo Blahnik pumps that are not a shade of pink or purple. But for now, I’m just going to role with it, it seems like all my Manolos sport an ultra femme hue. Has anyone ordered a custom pair of Manolos out there? I know that you can do it at Neiman Marcus and through other Manolo Blahnik locations. 

Manolo Blahnik BB Wine


Metamorphoses hermes scarf

I love wearing scarves as much as I love to wear a great statement necklace. For me, this accessory is always so much more than bundling up under my warmest parka. I am that girl who can tie a scarf a trillion ways. They just round off an outfit so well. They are an essential travel item for me. They are so darn functional.

Hermes is obviously well known for their scarves (among many other things) so you would not believe my excitement last week when this beauty wound up in my hands. I completely enjoy the meaning behind them. This one is designed by one of the Hermes family members himself. I am certainly no visual artist and I could never imagine being able to sketch something so amazing. I wish I could show you the entire piece, it is like looking at a piece of art that offers something new each time you see it. 


Here to Stay? PVC Pumps

Fendi  PVC and Leather

So I admit it, when the PVC trend in footwear first came out I was entirely skeptical. I thought it looked kinda cheapy and wasn’t really sure where things were going. Then, last Spring I tried on a pair of Louboutins that featured PVC in the shoe, from the Spring collection and I started to get it. 

PVC isn’t all-that-bad when it is done properly. It isn’t terrible when made by a quality shoe designer or else yeah, it is tacky as ever. The key as in all designs is about quality. This is no exception. I’m coming around more towards the PVC trend in shoes and while I don’t personally own a pair yet, I’m no longer saying never. The good folks at Fendi are helping me keep my mind open over this one. 

I really like the design of this PVC and leather pump by Fendi. Kind of space age in an unexpected way. Like with all PVC pumps I’ve researched, they are truly a shoe that is going to look much better on someone’s foot. You know how sometimes a piece of clothing looks awful on a hanger and then you try it on in the fitting room anyway and BAMN! Instant love? That is exactly how these shoes work. Like bamn. 

What are your opinions about the PVC trend in footwear? I’m finding myself coming around to it more and more. I’m understanding it a bit more and am trying my best to stay open. 

Rag and Bone: Harrow Bootie

It is warm and muggy outside but I am going to just sit here and pretend that Winter is coming. Which it is. Up here on the prairies, we very well could have our first frost in the next couple weeks. Every year I write some sort of post about how I must be the only person, especially in Canada, that gets tired of Summer. Too much hot weather? Tiresome. Wearing shorts and cute dresses and sandals? Boring after a while. Some of you are probably thinking I am nuts, maybe I am, but let me defend myself.

Rag and Bone Harrow Boot grey

My every day personal style usually involves oversized chunky sweaters, skinny jeans and some sort of amazing boot, so to be robbed of layering and bundling up for *gasp* two months is more than enough for me. I like it when the weather cools down, the air turns crisp and I feel like I can dress like myself again. I’m not saying it has to snow (that will be another very exciting day to come!) but I’m just wanting to… you know… wear a jacket, or a scarf, or… these Rag and Bone Harrow boots. 

rag and bone harrow bootie

The Harrow boot was released a couple seasons ago by Rag and Bone, originally in a beautiful tan shade. As time has passed, the boot has been spotted on everyone from celebrities to designers to… me! I have only been able to wear them out a couple times but goodness they are wonderful. I opted for a smoky grey suede that blends well with much of my wardrobe. The ankle height and shape is perfect and elongating to my legs and the almond toe the boot sports is the perfect amount of chic. Apologies for not having the best quality picture of my own pair, it is what happens when I try to take a picture with a burnt out florescent lightbulb… 

What season is your favourite fashion wise? Is anyone else out there as crazy as me when it comes to loving cooler weather?