Sergio Rossi: London Style

A capsule collection dedicated to the love of all things London. Sergio Rossi kept the collection very small; including two pairs of shoes and a matching clutch.

sergio rossi london collection sergio-rossi-loves-london-2

I love that while this is the designers interpretation of London, they prove to be versatile enough- nautical, Fourth of July worthy for our American friends, or just good enough for a bright and sunny Summers day.

Currently Reading…

Totally unrelated to shoes but about something I become just as excited about.

I read, a lot. Every day. We are talking about a crapton of literature and all different types. Each day, I comb through well over a hundred blogs and visit dozens of websites (not just to look at pictures). I read the news, no not watch it, read it. I read articles and journals and poetry and and newspapers and all sorts of other crap. And on top of that, I read books the same way I shop for shoes: on constant impulse and in a sort of out of control manner. I love reading and always have. I remember when I was a little kid, my mom taught me how to read and a monster was unleashed. I try to get my students excited about literacy too, and tell them that there are many different ways to trick yourself into reading. But that is another entire post all together.


Anyway, the other night- in the dead of the night actually, I created a new book list and became too excited to sleep. The next day, my mom and I went to the closest Chapters and I tried to see what I could grab from my list. I’m always looking for new recommendations. So now I ask you, what is your favourite book? What do you recommend to me?


Salvatore Ferragamo: Varina

Salvatore Ferragamo Varina Berry

There really is nothing as chic and easy going as a good ballerina flat. I’m talking a quality flat, that keeps it shape, that remains simple, and that lets the craftsmanship and design speak for itself. There are so many designers and fashion houses that have created signature flats that are true representatives of that company- Tory Burch and the Reva flat, Marc by Marc Jacobs and the Mouse flat, Michael by Michael Kors Fulton Mocassin, Tods Driver Slip Ons, hell, even Chanel’s quilted ballerinas are instantly recognizable.

That being said- that ballerinas are for every day, and for everyone, I want to share what, in my opinion is one of the most stunning designs out there. The chicest, most mature pair (while remaining rather cute), the “Blair Waldorf” of ballerina flats if you will.

Nothing speaks luxury like a quality crafted accessory and not many designers can scream the “L” word louder than Salvatore Ferragamo. The Varina design has long been a veteran of the company’s product line, being released in both a standard set of colours as well as ones that pertain to the season. This berry pair here belongs to FW’14. The smooth lines, minimal design and simple bow say “versatility” to any onlookers and knowing they are made by S.F. says “omg salon shoe” to anyone else with a quality shoeducation.

Go grab yourself a pair at your closest Nordstrom or Saks Fifth Ave, or feel free to grab me a pair from Holt Renfrew.

Thanks for coming by and enjoy the rest of your Saturday night!

Jimmy Choo FW’14 Campaign

Are we excited or are we excited about the Jimmy Choo FW’14 campaign? I think, we are are excited. I love it when a campaign ad can tell us exactly how stellar the line to be released is going to be. This is no exception. If you follow @JimmyChoo on instagram you probably would have spotted the booties below already. So slender and chic!

Jimmy Choo 2014 campaign

I’m loving the solidity of the product- the lines, the texture and the no-fuss simplicity of the footwear. As for the bags? Fur. Bags. You know I am a smitten kitten. Also, I appreciate how the oversized shoulder bags keep with traditional styles and design from the labels past.


You can tell me that it is way too early but this happens to me every year, I walk around by mid July and all I can think of is boots and the weather starting cooling down. Am I crazy? Probably. While I LOVE beautiful balmy weather, there is something about it being slightly more crisp outside that I love just a teeny tiny bit more. main-3.original.585x0

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Nailed It? Christian Louboutin Dabbles in the Beauty World

christian louboutin nail polish

Well, maybe we saw it coming, or maybe you are rolling your eyes as another designer dabbles in the beauty world. Regardless, if it weren’t for red polish in the first place, we wouldn’t have red soles on our feet.

Christian Louboutin is releasing his first polish at Saks Fifth Ave (and later on Aug. 6 at places like Barneys and Sephora) in the colour- you guessed it- “Rouge”. Chip Resistant, bright in hue, it honestly sounds like just another polish, but for the $50 being charged for it, let’s hope it creates as much magic on our nails as it did once on a pair of bland looking soles.

christian louboutin nail polish

Will I be grabbing a bottle? My gut is saying no but the impulsive shopper in me might beg to differ.

What do you think? Worth it? Or no? And the casing?

Meant to represent a stiletto obv, but also perhaps taking on the personality of a beautiful letter opener or a chic garden gnome hat… Pictures courtesy of Citizens of Fashion.

Slip On

Michael Kors Keaton Slip On

Unless you live under a rock, you will have noticed that this print is absolutely everywhere right now. Perhaps I live under a rock because I am unsure as what to call it. It isn’t quite cow print, and not really dalmatian. Regardless, I love it and these are one of the most sensible pairs of shoes I own. Pictured above: Michael Michael Kors Keaton slip on in… whatever that print is called. Rag and Bone denim.

Outfit of the Day

bcbg adele printed wrap dressBy no means am I the Duchess of Cambridge, but I have to say that I was quite proud of my efforts today and gave her a run for her money in regards to style and charity. I took my Adele printed (such a pretty print!) wrap dress from BCBG out for a spin this afternoon. Accompanied with my Valentino Rockstud pumps, and Burberry bag in Dusky Mauve (pre Fall exclusive! The colour is SOOO pretty!!!) I was pretty good to go.

valentino rockstud blue


Hands Up

Ah, another novelty design by Charlotte Olympia. I’ve been sharing a lot of her work lately but I keep finding all these delightfully kitschy (yet just charming enough) designs that I just find so worth sharing with you. Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to share some boring pairs with you soon enough.

charlote olympia hands

Anyway, what is our verdict on these Hands Up pumps? I think they are cute, yet subtle enough to pass as a basic cut out bootie (below). Regardless, they’d certainly make anyone do a double take. The sling back pair, pictured above might be a little more daring but I like them too for other reasons: Toe shape, dual tone, and how she didn’t just revert to her Dolly design to make her inspiration for this design come to life. It is another round of applause for C.O. in my books.

charlotte olympia hands